Africa’s resources: Re-examining the management of oil and gas

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In tonight’s edition: Nigeria’s president will work from home after being away from the country for three months. We also take a look at the management of natural resources on the continent and how an increasing number of Nigerians are in demand for organic food.

Nigeria’s president has announced that he will be working from home for the next few months. Having just returned from a 100 day absence, questions are raised about Muhammadu Buhari’s health.

There have long been calls for Africa to reshape its economic models by reducing its reliance on natural resources and diversify its economies. We hear from author N.J Ayuk who believes that much of that criticism is overly negative and shortsighted.

And in Nigeria, the demand for organic produce is rocketing year on year. Many of those paying closer attention to the way their food is grown have become accustomed to the choices abroad and head back home to start their own business.