An internationally renowned African entrepreneur and business leader.


NJ Ayuk, JD, MBA is an internationally-acclaimed thought leader, lawyer, thinker, speaker and entrepreneur, who advises major companies on corporate strategies with a focus on investing in Africa’s future. He has a particular interest in facilitating the establishment of deals, joint ventures and cooperation structures that put the interest of African companies and citizens at the centre of the negotiation table.

By frequently advising African, national and international oil companies, but also oil service companies, financial institutions and public sector bodies across sub-Saharan Africa, NJ Ayuk has contributed to the creation of thousands of jobs across Africa and the building of strong domestic capacities across the energy value-chain.

When NJ Ayuk guardian is not speaking and advising businesses in Africa, he is found with his three children and wife, Kelly.

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NJ impacts companies in Africa as a lawyer, advisor, investor and mentor.