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A leading authority in the African energy sector and a strong advocate for African entrepreneurship and the indigenous energy sector, NJ Ayuk is recognized as one of the foremost figures in African business today. A well-known dealmaker in the petroleum and power sectors and founder of a leading energy focused law firm, NJ is dedicating his career to helping African entrepreneurs…

NJ Ayuk, JD, MBA is a universally acclaimed legal counselor, thought leader, orator, and business visionary, who has helped numerous organizations while focusing on investment to build Africa’s future. He comes with special interests in helping and facilitating the creation of deals, joint ventures, and cooperation structures that always keep the interests of the African companies and citizens at priority. He has always ensured his indulgence in advising key African, national and international oil companies, oil service companies, financial institutions and public sector bodies across sub-Saharan Africa, while also prompting for the creation of thousands of jobs across Africa and pushing for the building of the strong and sturdy domestic capacities throughout the energy value chain.

Mr. NJ Ayuk  is the current CEO of the highly recognized Centurion law group that comes over like a pan- African legal and Advisory Corporation with its headquarters based in South Africa. The firm has scaled up some unimaginable growth and development in the course of recent years and further ensured its global outreach to countries like Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Cameroon, and Mauritius. Taking a gander at his top of the line involvement in the similar domain, he has worked with some of the biggest firms while designing and developing their investment strategies along with the development and corporation structures and joint ventures, licensing and associated tax matters, privatization, OHADA law, oil and gas, local content development, power, contracts negotiation, litigation and other major aspects in relation to the African energy sector.

Besides his professional commitments, NJ Ayuk centurion law Group loves to spend time with his kids and wife Kelly. He also loves football to the core and quotes Lionel Messi as one of his favorite football players. Apart from other interests and hobbies, NJ Ayuk guardian is a phenomenal writer and crafted some of the well-recognized masterpieces like Billions at Play and Big barrels that talk about the future of African oil and gas industry in the midst of all the major developments and advancements across the globe.

While being a familiar name in the African energy sector and a key promoter for African entrepreneurship and the indigenous energy sector, NJ Ayuk is perceived as one of the premier figures in the African business world today. He has further created his reputation for being a notable dealmaker in the petroleum and power sectors and also takes pride in being the founder of a leading energy-focused legal firm named Centurion global that is committed to helping African entrepreneurs with the best legal support and counseling.

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