Letter of NJ Ayuk, chair Africa Now Foundation to the Bishop of Mamfe

Dear Bishop Nkea,

Each day’s news bring new stories of the desperate – and all too often deadly – plight of refugees in Manyu Division. Showing images convey to us that the current stalemate between government and those seeking justice for their communities.

I listened to your recent interview where you spoke of the pain in Manyu. I believe as a Manya son, I can’t be quiet during these times. Together with precious human lives that are being lost, the current situation reveals the crossroads at which the human family finds itself in view of the values that will undergrid relationships in Cameroon.

Africa Now Foundation is committed to six corporal works of mercy, Feed the Hungry, Shelter the Homeless, Clothe the Naked, Visit the Sick and Imprisoned, Bury the Dea and Give Alms to the Poor.

It is at the same time important to me to emphasize that the protection of refugees is not only a moral obligation. It is the right thing to do. I believe the church has played an important role in advocating the weak and needed. We want to support the work.

Therefore, I urge you to continue to speak out strongly for peace and continue welcoming the victims of this crisis as you have always done. The encounter with the refugee is often transformative, both for the refugees and for the local church.

This should not in any way be a surprise for us, we know from Matthew 25 that this is one of the ways in which we encounter the Lord. Jesus said, “I was a stranger and you welcomed me.” I always tell people that you never know how you would handle things until you are faced with it. We here in Manyu are facing life or death situations. Some made it out and others didn’t. It will take years before Manyu will be the same. Through it all, my duty and that of Africa Now Foundation is to give back through volunteering and donating food and other needs to assist all the refugees and victims of this crisis.

I don’t have much but I will give what I can. I am exhausted mentally and spiritually and emotionally and would never hope that anyone would experience what Manyu has experienced over the last couple of weeks. I am still grateful and I thank God for his protection and I trust he will bring Manyu through this.

Peace and Blessings

NJ Ayuk

Africa Now Foundation