Covid-19: How technology can play a key role in driving African energy sector during this pandemic situation?

As the whole world around is locked down inside their places, Covid-19 is really taking a toll on almost every economy and business around. No matter if it’s about people engaged in the Industrial sector, aviation sector or the Oil and energy sector, everyone is struggling to keep things in place. Now, this is where the Technology sector is bringing a new ray of hope for all such people and they can now think about innovative ways and methodologies, to keep things going.

NJ Ayuk, one of the most talked-about legal professional and co-founder of the NJ Ayuk Centurion law group, also affirm the same notion. He was in a conversation with a leading African business journal and pointed towards the emerging significance of tech in Africa’s oil and gas industry.


Time has come for technology to help us in this pandemic situation

COVID 19 has pushed most of the companies across the globe to heavily rely on tech solutions to carry through their daily operation. From holding all those virtual meetings to tracking and monitoring all the key assets, everything can now be managed by bringing the high-end tech solutions on board.

NJ Ayuk guardian further said that technology has come to the rescue of all these oil and gas companies while driving their operations in this crisis situation. In his words, ” Innovations such as the development of new ways to drill wells and handle equipment, the design of new seismic data collection programs, the management of petroleum data systems, and the monitoring and protection of internet-connected equipment have the potential to redefine how business is done in this sector.”


Tackling through the economic crisis

While talking of his famous book NJ Ayuk billions at play, he further said that all the African oil and gas companies must join hands with the local tech firm in order to bring more innovation in the way of handling day to day operations within the industry.

These firms must also encourage foreign tech firms in order to import all the required etch expertise and advanced solutions in the same direction. NJ Ayuk also said that the government must also support these firms while creating more flexible policies and guidelines to direct their operations.


Summing it up

NJ Ayuk energy chamber has also proposed the fact that in the wake of falling prices of crude oil in the world markets, governments must provide alternatives to this oil and gas companies so as they can contribute to other developmental projects in the common interest of the African people.
Hence, everyone from the oil and gas companies, tech firms to the local governments, must come together to work towards a better future, while also fighting with this pandemic in the process